The AI wave is here. Let’s find out which jobs will be taken first.

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Technology has revolutionized the industry. In few of its initial sweeps, it introduced automation to all spheres our lives. ATMs have replaced human tellers and robotic arms on industry conveyer belts have replaced human labour. Technology is has been slowly creeping into our lives to improve its efficiency and in the process has been both a creator and a destroyer of jobs. It has taken jobs from a certain group of people and create opportunities for others, maybe even created more jobs. The latest wave of technology is that of Artificial Intelligence. What are you reminded of when you first think of the word AI? Is it super-intelligent robots ruling the world or is it C3PO and R2D2 aiding Luke Skywalker that you imagine? Whatever, it may be that you imagine it is undeniable that you have once in a while wondered if AI will rob you of your job sometime in future! Can a program replace the programmer? With Machine Learning advancing so rapidly, there is no doubt that there will soon be programs that can write themselves. But, fear not the future isn’t as despondent as sci-fi films portray it to be! Here are a few technologies that tech companies have been tinkering with that could possibly reduce the requirement for human labour:-

1. Delivery Drones can replace Courier Jobs.

There are two ways AI can substitute Couriers- a drone that flies or as robots on the ground. Amazon Prime Air, DHL, and Starship have been working tirelessly to develop AI delivery tech.

2. Robotic/ Automated Kitchens can whip meals as sumptuous as Star Chefs.

Moley kitchen combines cutting-edge technology and human expertise at the art of cooking. One can now enjoy master-chef style cooked food without having to lift a finger.

3. AI shopping Tech is more efficient than human cashiers at supermarkets.

Amazon Go is the trending buzzword now. It is a new kind of store, requiring no checkout! Simply use the app and unique bar code to enter the store; walk around and choose the products you wish to purchase, and “Go”. You will not have to wait around in long queues because your Amazon account will be automatically charged the appropriate amount.

4. Chat-Bots can replace Customer Service Representatives.

In today’s working day world, some people find the customer service helpline very irksome. Customers can voice their worries and find meaningful solutions without having to deal with rude executives or the line being on the wait.

5. Self-Driving Technology can prove safer than Cab Drivers.

It is believed that Self-Driving Technology will play a significant role in making transportation safer. Google, Tesla, and Uber having relentlessly worked on various such prototypes and working models, producing very promising results too! The above fields employ a huge volume of traditional human labour. Though people won’t lose their jobs overnight, it’ll surely add significant competition.

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