Contractual Staffing

Leave it to Srijan Jobs to hire the right staff for you and focus on your core capabilities.

  • Reduce Overall cost to company
  • Helps in managing flexible workload situations
  • No need to spend time in hiring, attrition management and compliance management leave it to the experts at Srijan Jobs

HRMS Solution

You take care of the business and we take care of the employees.
  • Better understanding and participation of employees
  • Monitor KPIs & Get analytics to help you in decision making
  • Fast Payroll processing

Skill Assessment & Up-Skilling

Keep up with the changing business environment with regular assessment and up-skilling of employees.

  • Identify the key skills of the employee's regularly
  • Create Pride in employees with recognition of learning effort
  • Stimulate Career Growth of employees with Up-skilling

HR Outsourcing

Let dedicated team of HR experts to take care of all HR activities in your organization.

  • Improve productivity of employees
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Get relieved from administrative burdens

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