Why should one learn Python

Job market for python is far better than other programming languages like .net, php, java etc. The usual programming languages are going out of trend in the future and languages like Python which are very scalable have a great future!

What are the benefits of Python?

Python has a diverse range application which gives edge to this language over others. We have mentioned some of the benefits of python below:

1.User-friendly Data Structures:

It has built-in list and dictionary data structures. Python also provides the option of dynamic high-level data typing which reduces the length of support code that is required.

2. Open Source & Community Development:

 Python language open is source; thus, is free to use and distribute, including for commercial purposes.

Python’s development is driven by the community which collaborates for its code through hosting conferences and mailing lists, and provides for its numerous modules.

3. Learning ease and great support

Python offers simple and readable syntax which helps even beginners to use this language. Even there is a code style guideline which facilitates the use of formatting of codes. There is a very active developer community and a rich resource related to python can be found on the internet.

4. Highly productive and fast

Even complex programming problems can be solved in Python by writing minimum lines of codes as compared to the other programming languages.

5. Supports Third party modules

The python package contains numerous third party modules which helps the user to even interact with other programming languages.

6. Wide range of support libraries

Python provides a large standard library which helps developers to use python for various objectives like creating web pages, developing operating system, network interfacing etc. A lot of complex programming requirement have already been scripted and thus, save a lot of time for the developers.

As we can see here selecting python as a choice of your programming language has many advantages. After all who doesn’t want be prepared for future market needs rather than trying hands on the future obsolete languages. The demand for Python developers is really high but the supply of quality programmers is very low. So, if you learn this language pretty well, there would be lots of opportunities waiting for you.

In conclusion, Python is doing really well in job market and it will get better with time!


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