Why Indian Youth are Unemployed


The average age of the Indian is 29 years, which is very good compared to the Chinese and the Japanese whose average age is 37 and 48 respectively. 50% of the Indian population is below the age of 25 which is bliss because that means a larger chunk of the population is in the working age as opposed to the dependent age. And yet, 50% of the youth are unemployed. This might make you think that the large ratio of employment is because of the huge population. Incorrect! Employers are still not able to find the right candidate for their jobs. The underlying fact is that our youth are UNEMPLOYABLE.

Why Indian Youth are Unemployable

Don’t we have enough colleges? We do. We have erected so many colleges in every nook and corner that, we have forgotten about the quality of education. We are only aiming at creating literate youth but real education has taken a serious downfall. In 2015, 23 lakh candidates from various educational backgrounds stood in queue to apply for 368 vacancies for the position of a peon, in a government sector in Uttar Pradesh. An analysis revealed that 250 among these applicants were doctorates, 25,000 postgraduates, 1.5 lac were graduates and 7.5 lac were high school pass outs. Such was the applicant pool for a job that only required a candidate who has passed 5th grade and knows how to ride a cycle. The fact that such highly qualified candidates applied for such a lowly job instead of seeking something of their won calibre reflects upon their original calibre.

The fact is, parents are forcing kids to get fancy degrees, just to get them ‘marriage ready’ or because some neighbour or relative’s kid did the same. Both colleges and parents are more interested in a degree by your name rather than actual learning. Even IITs and IIMs are going on expanding, with the students of the newer institutions hardly able to make a mark for themselves.

Our syllabus and learning is clearly outdated. Whatever we learn in college can hardly be put to practice. And our exam system is seriously flawed. We run after grades. We can answer a ‘What’ Question and we fail to understand the ‘Why’ behind the answer. Most of all we lack exposure. In the rat race towards the finish line we fail to learn what the industry really wants. Without understanding the students’ aptitude for a certain stream, we still push them into it just for the fact that it is lucrative. We do not think that it would be a bad career match. Skill development has become a serious problem in our country.

What is the Solution?

Well, our colleges certainly need to boost their standards, meanwhile as students and jobseekers, you too need to up your game a notch. If you have a certain industry or job in your mind, you need to find out what are the skillset requirements of these jobs. We need to get professional certifications alongside our basic degrees. Most of all we need to focus on developing our soft skills. Clearly we need to make better use of the internet.

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