5 websites that help you make a neat resume in just few minutes!


In today’s professional world, your CV is your ticket to success!  To make things easier for you, we have shortlisted the top 5 websites that will help you make your CV in just a few minutes!



Building resume isn’t a very easy job but this website makes it a cakewalk for you. This website has all the sections that will help you create a very professional resume. You can even upload pictures to make your resume effective and you don’t even need to sign up to the website!







This is an internet based multimedia resume that provides you with comprehensive picture of yourself that will help you stand out of the crowd. If you occasionally use Photoshop, then this app is for you. Make a different and an absolutely creative resume for yourself!







This is yet another great option for beginners who are creating their resume for the first time and are not sure about what has to written in it. Just choose a template you like and fill in your details, finalize and voila you’re done!







Once you log into the website and start creating your resume, you can do a lot of different things such as designing, editing pictures, etc. They offer a couple of free templates, that you can work with but at the same time you can also make your own customized templates. They also provide editing tools according to your professional needs.







This website ensures a clean-looking, perfect resume for you in no time. All that you have to do is fill up your information and the website will virtually build your resume for you. It will be great if you are applying in the corporate sector.






So what are you waiting for? Build the perfect resume for your dream job, today!

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